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Rolls & Hand Rolls

Avocado Roll California Roll Crunchy Roll
Cucumber Roll Eel Roll Eel Avocado
Garden Roll Philadelphia Roll Salmon Avocado Roll
Salmon Roll Salmon Skin Roll Smk Salmon Avocado
Spicy Salmon Roll *Spicy Tuna Roll Tuna Roll
Tuna Avocado Roll Yellowtail Scallion Roll Vegetable Tempura Roll

Cooked Rolls

  • Angel Roll - Scallop, avocado, cream cheese deep fried with spicy mayo on top
    Calamari Roll - Deep fried calamari, avocado inside w/ tempura flakes on top and eel sauce
    Caterpillar Roll - Baked eel w. cream cheese and kani inside, avocado on top with eel sauce
    Futo Maki - Dried tofu, sweet egg, Japanese pickle, avocado, and cucumber
    Majesty - Red snapper, egg, kani, asparagus deep fried w/ spicy mayo and garlic sauce on top
    Rock-n-Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, masago and daikon sprouts with eel sauce
    Spider Roll - Cucumber, avocado, masago, daikon sprout, deep fried soft shell crab, w. eel sauce
    Sunrise Roll - Shr. tempura & cucumber inside with kani, spicy mayo & tempura flakes on top
    Tiger Eye - Smk salmon, jalapeno, & cream cheese fried w/ soy paper, masago, and avocado
    Volcano Roll - Shrimp, kani, and avocado inside baked with chopped spicy scallop on top
    Summer Roll - Red snapper inside, tempura fried and topped w/ spicy mayo and masago

Special Hand Rolls

Sushi RollMade with Soy Paper

  • Creamy Shrimp - Shrimp tempura with cream spicy sauce
    *Ginga - Snow crab, scallop, and avocado with cream spicy sauce 

Low Calorie Rolls

No Rice

  • *Barbie Doll   - Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, masago, jalapeno, lettuce and sriracha wrapped in rice paper
    *Hollywood Roll - Tuna, salmon, cod, kani, avocado, and daikon sprouts rolled in cucumber 

Special Rolls

  • *Dragon Roll - Spicy tuna inside, eel avocado on top w/ eel sauce
    *E.T Roll - Tuna, salmon, cod, kani, avocado, cucumber, masago, and daikon sprout (soy paper)
    *Surf N Turf - Tuna, avocado, seared beef, garlic, Chefs special steak sauce
    *Lovers Roll - Spicy Salmon inside, sliced tuna avocado on top w/ tempura flakes
    *Nanami - Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside w/ seared salmon&cod avocado, garlic sauce on top
    *Ocean 7 Roll - Shrimp tempura & avocado inside w. spicy tuna and temp flakes on top
    *Paradise Roll - Spicy yellowtail inside, w. white cod, avocado on top and garlic sauce
    *Rainbow Roll - California roll topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper, cod and avocado
    *Robin’s Nest -
    Tuna ceviche, avocado, cucumber topped w/ butter-seared scallops and ikura 
    *Tropic Salmon - Spicy tuna, cucumber, salmon and orange w/ citrus soy


(* ) Raw fish                           Brown Rice Extra $ 2

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