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Appetizers & Dessert


  • Edamame - Steamed soy beans (Spicy add $1)
    Agedashi Tofu - Crispy fried tofu topped w/ bonito flakes served with tempura sauce
    Baked Avocado - Kani, shrimp, masago with spicy mayo baked with avocado
    Baked mussels (4) - Topped with spicy mayo, scallions and masago
    Beef Yakitori – Two skewers of grilled beef
    Chicken Yakitori – Two skewers of grilled chicken
    Fried Calamari - Tempura battered squid served with calamari sauce
    Gyoza - Fried or steamed pork and vegetable dumplings with gyoza sauce
    Hamachi or Sake Kama - Grilled fresh yellowtail or salmon collar served with ponzu sauce
    Soft Shell Crab – Single tempura battered soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce
    Tatsuta Age - Lightly battered chicken tenders served with ton katsu sauce
    Tempura Trio - Lightly fried jumbo shrimps and assorted vegetables with tempura sauce
    Tropical Puffs - Cream cheese, kani and apple wrapped in rice paper with ponzu sauce


  • Ice Cream
        - Red Bean, Green Tea, and Plum Wine

    Cheesecake Tempura
        - lightly fried cheese cake topped off with whip cream & chocolate syrup

    Banana Tempura
        - One whole banana lightly battered and fried

    Mochi Ice Cream
        - Ice cream wrapped in a sweet rice flower (Green Tea, Red Bean, Vanilla, Mango or Strawberry)

Sat - Thur   11:30am -10:00pm
Fri    11:30am -11:00pm

Lunch Special Hour
Everyday   11:30am - 2:30pm

Happy Hour
Mon - Thur   3:30pm - 5:00pm

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